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Hands-on exercise with end-users

During the exploitation and dissemination Workshop at the training Campus Weeze from 16.-17. April 2018 LUAS presented the BCB to end-users. The program was distributed to the visitors on give-away memory sticks. The end-users simply moved the content of the memory stick to a folder on their laptops or Mac´s (The BCB works cross-platform) and started Blender (the Fracture Modifier including BCB) directly, because no installation is needed. First we presented the simulation process step-by-step on a simple structure. Then the end-users were invited to open and simulate a prepared model of the H-shaped rehearsal building at the Weeze site . It was nice to see an Inachus partner with Blender experience to be engaged in own simulations from scratch after our presentation.

This video shows the simulation of the H-shaped rehearsal building at the Weeze site under an earthquake event. It is a processed simulation that includes the distribution of dummies. This feature is new in the BCB and was implemented after the pilot in Weeze. The distribution of large amount of human figures is made with the help of Blender´s particle system, a new preset group ‘Victims’ has been added in the BCB element groups for this purpose. Note, that the simulation of masonry structures is not yet sufficiently studied and the simulation results still may lack plausibility.


The third field test in Weeze

The 9th plenary meeting  was successfully held in the Weeze training base  at  the German-Dutch border on April 16-17, 2018. The plenary meeting was followed by the exploitation and dissemination Workshop on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th. The partners had a chance to present their work to end users. Fifteen urban search and rescue (USaR) professionals from Sweden, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and UN-OCHA attended.

Second pilot in France

The second INACHUS field test was held on 31 May 2017 in Lyon, France. It focused on

merging data from wide area assessment tools and collapse simulations. In collaboration with

CARDEM, a French demolition company, INACHUS partners identified a three-storey factory

building in Saint-Fons that was scheduled to be demolished. A first scenario planned to weaken

key pillars and subsequently pull the building over by ropes. It then was decided to execute a

second scenario by gradually weakening certain pillars until collapse occurred, this procedure

was designed to mimic the impact of an earthquake.

Factory before and after collapse. Pillars were progressively weakened until collapse occurred

ASI visited the building in spring to record the construction technique in order to build the

virtual building model. The model was then simulated by ASI with the second collapse scenario.

Ground-based and airborne laser scans by FOI, ONERA and ITC created a textured point cloud

model of the building before and after the collapse. The image below shows the matching of

laser scan and simulation result.

The matching of laser scan and simulation result by ASI.

The Video below shows the simulation result performed by LUAS. The DEM model (provided by

courtesy of ASI) was simulated by applying the first collapse scenario where some pillars were

weakened and where the building was  then pulled over by ropes.

6th plenary meeting in Freiburg

The 6th plenary meeting took place from  from 7.-9. of November. It was an intense succession of status updates, workshops, and discussions. It is a great pleasure and honor to work with top scientists and accomplished engineers. The atmosphere was despite the intensity of the meeting schedule relaxed and joyful. It felt almost like the reunion of a big family.


LUAS´presentation was well received among technical partners and end users. We got good feedback and fresh inspirations. It makes it always a pleasure to present when the topic is interesting and when tools such as the BCB work neatly.

Presentation at the Blender conference 2015

First we thought we would attend the Blender conference only as audience, but then got invited at short notice to present our research on our simulation tool to the community . The conference was streamed live over the internet, twitter messages were cast on the theater walls in minute cycles. We admit this was all quite exciting for us. The feedback and the interest after the talk was very encouraging. Now our talk is stored on youtube.

Blender conference 2015

We are excited to participate in this years Blender Conference, that takes place in Amsterdam from 23-25 of October. Unfortunately we missed the submission date for an own presentation. We will do our best to present the constraint builder script to some of the core developers there. This conference is important for our project, because there will be news and information on what direction Blender will take in the coming years. We expect, that the revision of Blenders Physics system will be one of the topics, that will be discussed.

blender-conference-genericThe speakers will be announced soon, here:
This is hopefully the last trip this year. A little concerned about CO2-emission trail, we leave behind.

Simulation meeting in Freiburg

From 22nd- 23rd of September we will have an intense simulation meeting in Freiburg, Germany. The meeting is hosted by the Ernst- Mach- Institute. We are excited to present our latest script version and get feedback from other professionals. Among others we will be discussing a comprehensive building library that we will systematically submit to collapse simulations. The merging of simulation data with Wide-Area Surveillance Tools that assess structural damage based on optical or radar satellite imagery will be a topic, too.Freiburg