Welcome to the Laurea University of Applied Sciences  and her part in the INACHUS project.

Inachus is a research project funded by the European Union. It is named after a king from the Greek mythology that ruled Argos, a region on the Peloponnese. Inachus aims at improving the first response mechanisms from the moment a disaster hits to the rescue of victims. Disaster areas pose most difficult working conditions. Therefore it is essential to organize activities of search and rescue crews efficiently. The development of tools that detect and rescue victims is of paramount importance as well. Also ethical considerations need to be implied. Inachus attempts to streamline the chain of events and create a tool set that will serve well in catastrophic events and help to save lives.

Eleven nations are involved in this project, The European union is funding it with 9´885038 eur. The work load is subdivided into 12 moduls or work packages. Laurea university of applied sciences takes part in the Inachus project and contributes to the following two moduls:

WP3  :  Simulation Tool for Structural Damage Analysis and Casualty Estimation

WP11:  Evaluation and Consideration of Societal Impacts, Legal/Ethical Issues and     Standardisation

More detailed information on the Inachus webpage:


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