Simplified formulas for our force evaluation


With the support of the engineer office Schüssler-Plan we have collected a set of formulas that is now enabling us to take into account the steel reinforcement in a building element.

Steel reinforcement can improve particular strength values. For example to improve the performance under shear force steel stirrups are added, or to improve the resistance against compression and tensile forces longitudinal irons are added etc.

These Formulas can now be applied to calculate quite accurately the threshold values we need to be set for our particular constraints. We created an excel table to run the calculations on a test bases.

Next we will implement the formulas directly into the BCB- addon. The script will calculate relative strength values: 160131-formulas-calculation, tensile, shear and bend based on a sample element and then apply those relative values in N/mm2 to all the other elements within the same element group.

We are waiting with excitement to the results of the first validation cases.




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