Virtual reality

One of the official Inachus targets is to create a building catalog that contains basic structural assemblies. This catalog will help rescue operators to estimate the behavior of a building in question during a catastrophic event. By means of sample simulations the rescue personnel can get a first idea, what danger they might expect when they need to handle a building.
However we want to explore to which extend our simulation results can be utilized in addition to the Inachus agenda to get the maximum benefit out of it. One of the interesting possibilities that opens up with Blender’s latest 2.75 version release is the stereo display output: a scene can now be rendered in stereo to be displayed on virtual reality devices 3D goggles  or in 3D caves. Blender now allows stereo output in different formats:

The image below can be watched with the so called cross eye technique. The resulting 3 dimensional effect is mind blowing. The image should be looked at in full screen.3d

Simulations playback with Virtual Reality devices could be applied in training courses for rescue staff.

From here the latest 2.75 Blender version with its stereo rendering features can be downloaded: Here instructions how to use the stereo rendering option:


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