Our first “Bullet constraints builder” script v1.51

This video shows the application of the  “Bullet Constraints builder”  script v1.51.
The first „Backbone“-configuration test case: A residential high rise building.
After selecting all geometries the script is run it searches for connecting vertices and places empties, it then bundles empties that are within a predefined search radius to clusters. Constraint values are then applied to the empties. Finally the element mass is calculated.
The  “Bullet Constraints builder” script connected 6000 elements with 20000 within 713 seconds.
The collapse simulation took around 90 minutes.
Workstation: Core™ i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition (12M Cache, 3.33 GHz, 12 Threads) Only one thread is used for the operation.

The script allow the following parameters:
Variables for constraint distribution:
-Constraint count limit
-Search Distant for neighbor geometry
-Amount of vertex connections between objects

Variables for constraint settings:
-compressive value for  threshold evaluation
-tensile value for threshold evaluation
-enable breaking
-constraint type: fixed, point
-group: name

Variables for volume calculation:
-material preset


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