Simulation of the first test case

This video shows the first „Backbone“-configuration test case: A
residential high-rise building with 17 upper floors and 3 under-
ground floors. The dimensions of the building is 23.5 x 23.5 m
with a height of 62.1 m over ground. The main supporting
structure of the building is a reinforced concrete framework that
consists of peripheral facade columns and a central shear core
stabilizing the structure against horizontal forces.

The simulation scenario is an explosion under ground which
eliminates the 3 lowest columns at one building corner.

All the constraints between the rigid bodies were placed by the
“Bullet Constraints builder” script v1.51.
The script automatically calculates breaking thresholds as well
as element mass.

The first 5 Sequences in this video show that the building stands
upright without collapsing, while changing the pillar joints from
rigid to hinges and different concrete strengths: C60, C30, C20.
The reason for the resistance might lay in the massive
Girders between ground floor and underground floor.

Only if the core and slabs are changed to C10 concrete the building collapses.

The high-rise building concept is designed and provided by Schüßler-Plan GmbH.


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